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As a dealer, there are multiple benefits to selling a group of BHPH accounts through the SDS Bulk Purchase Program. Taking advantage of a bulk purchase will allow you to instantly inject capital back into your dealership providing you with the opportunity to increase your vehicle inventory or expand your business in a variety of other ways. Furthermore, performing a SDS bulk purchase will immediately reduce your exposure tied to the debt sold and it will also lower your monthly servicing costs and collections efforts. Simply put, the SDS Bulk Purchasing Program will deliver multiple benefits that all lead to enhanced operational efficiency and an improved bottom line!




With unprecedented customer service and decades of industry experience, SDS is unmatched in the bulk-purchasing sector. Our Bulk Purchase Program is tailored toward meeting your specific needs and delivering funds in an expedited fashion.



Fast Approval & Verification

Our approval and verification process is fast and efficient, ensuring you have a clear answer and are ready for funding as quickly as possible.


Competitive Pricing Model

With proven guidelines and competitive pricing, our goal is to deliver the strongest purchase proposal that provides long-term success.


Expedited Closing Process

Once approved, we provide an expedited closing and funding process to ensure you receive funds quickly and without any issues. Time is money.

Personalized Customer Service

Receive one-on-one customer service from our bulk purchase consultants that have over 30 years of industry experience. All accounts are serviced out of Dallas, TX.


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