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With SDS Bulk Purchasing by April 30th!


When Successful Dealers need cash to keep their inventory up, here’s what they do…

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They realize that most of their money is tied up in the units on the street.

It’s easy to assume that your dealership will have the cash needed to make maximum profits during the busy season. In reality, most dealerships lose sales due to the lack of available cash needed to replace sold inventory. Let’s get one thing straight: The fewer vehicles you have available, the fewer sales you make. Your profit potential dips and you will miss out on customers ready to buy.


They find reputable companies to help infuse cash back into their pockets.

Every successful dealership understands that they can’t win by themselves. Whether they need inventory to meet the demands of the season or they are looking to expand their dealership, dealers find capital providers who deliver the cash needed to keep their business moving forward. SDS is among the top cash-flow providers in the nation for Buy-Here, Pay-Here Dealers. We have a 96.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating and 92% of our dealers increase their bottomline within their first year with SDS.


They use the cash-flow programs to maintain strong business performance throughout the busy season.

The dealers who successfully implement these cash-flow programs into their business practices experience tremendous growth at their dealerships. SDS offers it’s Bulk Purchasing Program for dealers, just like you, to maintain inventory and maximize sales. Until April 30th, SDS is giving dealers a 1% increase on all bulk purchases. For you, this could translate to up to $10,000 cash in hand, in addition to the capital received from the bulk purchase!


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