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As a dealer you may have the best inventory of anyone else on your street, but you can’t move it if customers don’t know about it. That’s where SDS dealer marketing helps you. Through online and on-the-lot services, SDS dealer marketing allows your dealership(s) and inventory to stand out from the competition. The products and services customized for each dealer brings more potential customers to the lot giving you best opportunity to sell the most units. The bottom line here is: better marketing means more customers and more customers means more cars sold!




SDS dealer marketing is designed to be customized and unique to each dealer. Using our ability to produce dealer-branded marketing online, on the physical lot and with individual units in your inventory, stops customers’ browsing and gains their attention. That in-turn brings those customers onto your lot. With SDS dealer marketing you have the ability to highlight your message of choice to customers showcasing your programs and specials.



Online Marketing

The majority of car shoppers start their search online. Your website needs to stand out with a purpose-built design and dealer-branded marketing to compel customers to shop with you.


On-The-Lot Marketing

Give your dealership the franchise treatment. Bring the franchise feel to your inventory and lot with ultra-high quality, dealer-branded windshield banners, monroney style window stickers, FTC buyer’s guides and large custom outdoor banners.


Branded Office Environment

Give your dealership the same look and feel of large, franchise dealerships with your dealer-branded table toppers, office posters and customer brochures.


Great Sales Tool

Your dealer-branded marketing doesn’t stop when the customer walks onto the lot. Customized point of sale documents and sales person reference cards reinforce your name and professionalism throughout the entire sale.


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