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Due to the concerns related to COVID-19, SDS is implementing special policies to ensure that all SDS employees have a continued safe environment in the home office in Irving, TX. SDS has increased the supply of hand sanitizer in addition to providing latex gloves to use when handling all incoming documents delivered to the SDS office. SDS has also implemented a sanitizing process directed specifically for all received documents and packages to ensure the safety and health of our employees. These special policies will enable SDS to stay fully staffed and provide quality customer service to all SDS dealers and customers. While the funding process will remain intact, we appreciate your understanding that due to our change in process it may slightly increase the time of funding.

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 information and how this will impact the automotive industry, SDS’s focus is to protect the high quality deals we receive from our active producing SDS dealers. Any additional industry process changes that protect our dealers, as well as SDS, we will strive to incorporate as they become available. SDS wants to make sure that each deal funded meets the standards necessary to endure the constantly changing practices within the automotive industry.

Starting May 1st, 2020, in addition to the current funding criteria, all new submitted deals from the SDS Cash Flow and SDS Premier programs will have to meet additional funding criteria from SDS: (this does not affect the SDS Credit Builder Program)

  • Minimum Initial Down Payment of $1,000 (this does not include any deferred down payments)
  • Maximum Deal Amount will be $8,000
  • SDS will no longer match the contract term for the deal. SDS will revert to our previous policy of a 3 month difference between the SDS deal term and customer contract term. For example, a 36-month retail installment contract term will have a maximum SDS deal term of 33 months or less.

For our dealers participating in the SDS Credit Builder program, where SDS collects directly from the customer, the underlying criteria will remain the same and you will not be affected by the above changes including the maximum $10,000 advance structure.

For dealers on the SDS Cash Flow or Premier programs that would like the opportunity to convert to the SDS Credit Builder program, please contact your designated SDS Sales Consultant.

Please contact SDS with any questions or concerns about the updated funding criteria. Thank you for your continued business with SDS as well as your cooperation and understanding with our adjustments to the SDS program.

Cody Anthony

214-838-1212 x8007

Thank you,

SDS Management Team

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